Last update : 26-01-2020
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Guaranty service


"Garant-service from Bombastershop"

- What is the role of the guarantor?
- He acts as a financial intermediary, ensuring that the agreed conditions are met on both sides of the network transaction.
An independent guarantor does not pursue the interests of any of the parties.
The transfer of money to the seller occurs after the fulfillment of all previously described conditions.
During the transaction between the buyer and seller, the guarantor plays the role.
The cash is otpraeletsya grenade at the time of the transaction until the time of execution of obligations of the seller.


- If the amount in the transaction is equal / less than 5000RUB, then the cost of the services of the guarantor will be equal to 300RUB. -
- If the amount in the transaction exceeds 5000RUB, then the amount is calculated as follows: the amount + 10% guarantor. -

Our guarantor service also provides legal services for the conduct of network sales transactions.

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